About Me and Why I am Sharing  

You may (or may not) be asking yourself what qualifies me to blog about such things as courage, change, spirituality, hope and the like.  Am I a self-proclaimed guru or expert spiritualist who is “at one with the world and all that happens in and around me”?
Not so much….. but I am a human who loves to learn more about life, love and what other humans are learning as they go along.
I am a single woman with a grown daughter who lives what seems a million miles away. I am not extraordinarily wealthy or poor as far as money goes, but get by like most people I know. I work full time at a great company which has very normal challenges and enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends on Facebook.  Pretty normal huh?  This would be the bulk of what most people know about me at casual glance.
               My life, like yours I am sure contains so much more experience and current lessons and loves than just that.  I haven’t always been single.  Which means that I have walked through divorce and been a single mom.  I am also the daughter of an absolutely wonderful father who live across the country and lost my mother to Alzheimer’s. My daughter in Florida works hard, pays her bills and student loans and I encourage her from here to keep trudging and believe in every effort and that life always has something good in store.
               I have endured abuse, alcoholism, physical diseases, loss of jobs, relocations, death of loved ones young and old and  heartache, but I have also been blown away by seeing lifelong dreams come true, felt peace in the midst of stormy circumstances and arrived a place where I know with every fiber that “all is well”.
My aim in becoming a “blogger” is not to set myself apart, sell you the one thing that will change your life forever  or to preach about religion or how anyone should go about living their life.
It IS my aim to demonstrate how very alike we all are.  To share real, personal experience and create a way for others to do the same. To place a variety of resources in one place and to learn more as I go. 
I have had wonderful mentors, utilized tons of others’ experience shared with me and actively sought to add to the spiritual tool kit given to me and share it with others.  All of this HAS miraculously changed my life…but that is not exceptional.  We all tread innumerable paths to faith, enlightenment, growing up….however you choose to phrase it.
We can ALL share these things, act on these things, accept what we can’t change, and keep passing it on.
Thanks for joining me!
Others Share too!
...and I will pass it on
You will notice some links to places like Amazon.com, my own R&F product site and other resources.  These all mean something to me or are helpful subject links for you to explore.
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